A simple ticketing system for a team like yours .

Manage all your customer messages in one place. Build better bonds automatically. ..




  • Departments : 2
  • Tickets : 2
  • Staffs : 2
  • Customers: 2

0 GBP / Year

  • Departments : 10
  • Tickets : 2
  • Staffs : 10
  • Customers: 10

0 GBP / Year

  • Departments : 20
  • Tickets : 2
  • Staffs : 20
  • Customers: 20

0 GBP / Year

  • Departments : Unlimited
  • Tickets : 2
  • Staffs : Unlimited
  • Customers: Unlimited
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Try our trial plan to see the ticketing system’s feature.It has a lot of features and you will love it! Email to tickets, Department wise tickets,Knowldge base, Articles, Articles to Ticket, Feedback system, Staff and Staff roles.

Email to Tickets

Just send an email to an email id configured, and that will be converted to a ticket. You have to add an email id and configure it’s IMAP details from the admin side.

Web Tickets

Other than email tickets, the system support nor mal web tickets, Customer can sign up and open tickets, staffs can view and give reply .

Department wise tickets

There are multiple departments and staffs can be assigned to departments.A staff assigned to a department can view tickets of the department andcan give reply based on his role. Also you can assign emails to departmnets, so that mail tickets also will work department wise


Staffs can be assigned to departments, also a role can be assigned to each staffs. Once a staff is logged in, he can view all the tickets of his departmnets and can give reply if he has the permission .

FAQ and Kbs

Admin can add FAQs, Kbs and Articles and they will be visible from the menu. They are multi language supported, so that language specific KB and FAQs can be added to the article .